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My Story

Hi, I’m Sonia, an energy healer, mindfulness teacher, and life coach.  Since I was a pre-teen, I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation. (although I didn’t know that’s what it was called at the time) to find the answers to life’s biggest questions and allow nature and inner wisdom to help me learn and heal. Turning inward, I believe, the connection between humans and the natural world that we exist in holds many of the tools we need to heal ourselves if we are able to tune out of our everyday thinking and worries and tune into our inner wisdom.  I am here to help you.

In 2018, I started my formal mindfulness journey. I started taking classes with local and national teachers and developing my personal practice and teaching philosophy. In 2019, I became a teacher for the Mindful Self-Compassion program and in 2021 I completed my 500-hour Yoga teacher certification. I have spent the last 30 years training and coaching adult learners in the business world.  I am excited to bring all my experience and skills together.

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"I am a truth seeker, drawing wisdom from within and the world around. My purpose is to share knowledge, spread healing and compassion, living in the awareness that love is the ultimate answer."

My Mission

I am a truth seeker, I believe in the wisdom we hold internally and that is always around us in the natural world to bring us the teachers, experiences, and wisdom we need to create our most fulfilling lives. It is my purpose to share my knowledge and skills to spread healing and compassion. I live in awareness that love is the only answer.

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